Nina 4123 sewing machine 2022

If you want to make your sewing work easy and sew all types of thick fabrics without any hassle then Nina 4123 is a very good sewing machine for you.

Nina sewing machine reviews

In this post, we will give you information about Nina 4123 sewing machine features. If you are looking for a good sewing machine then Nina 4123 sewing machine is a good option for you.

Sewing on Extra Heavyweight Fabric


The added needle penetration power and a new design allow it to easily sew thicker fabrics without jamming. Stitch Menu – This Nina 4123 sewing machine has a variety of stitch options to choose from, and a built-in needle threader – speed control lever – lets you set the stitch speed from ultra-low to high speed.

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You can easily control your sewing speed with the Nina sewing machines – This Nina 4123 sewing machine gives you the freedom to do manual sewing as it comes equipped with fine motors that make your sewing work much easier.

Nina 4123 Extension Table
It is very handy for a variety of sleeves, cuffs, and other designs. – WITH YOU EXTENSION TABLE – The snap-on extension table gives you more room to sew, and you can easily store your sewing items on top of the table.

Nina 4123 Foot Control Storage

With the Nina 4123 Sewing Machine, you can assemble the foot controls on the extension table after sewing. – You also get an electronic tone signal in this sewing machine due to which when you switch on the power of the machine, you will hear a tone, and the indicator window will turn green. Which tells you that the machine is well prepared for sewing. If a red indicator window appears in the machine, the machine bobbin needs to be repaired.

Nina 4123 One-Step Buttonhole

Nina 4123 sewing machine has a built-in needle threader that automatically stops in the up position as needed, meaning it comes with an up/down function, all you have to do is touch the button to remove the foot. All you have to do is set the button in the right place on the buttonhole foot and then lower the lever, this automatically creates the perfect buttonhole in one step.
Nina 4123 Magnetic Type Horizontal Full Rotary Hook

The magnetic, jam-proof, top-loading complete rotary hook system in this sewing machine eliminates bobbin insertion removal and cleaning. The thread see-through slide is visible under this plate.
The Nina 4123 sewing machine is fitted with an additional needle penetration power and a newly designed feed dog for sewing on heavy fabrics, allowing you to sew any thick fabric with ease.

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The 4123 model of Nina Sewing Machine is very nice in which you get a lot of features.

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